My nana loved ginger, she’d always have a box of the candied version to have a nibble from. While I  couldn’t come at that I did love ginger nut biscuits – as a kid I could literally eat a packet.

One of Rae’s requests the other other day was for something ginger so I decided on Margaret Fulton’s ginger biscuits – perhaps the simplest biscuit I have made but my god, they are good. This is the third batch (thanks to a request from Ren) and they won’t probably won’t last the evening.

 Ginger biscuits on a plate.

There was an error in the recipe. It said to pre-heat the oven to 180 before and then, after five minutes, reduce the temperature to 180. I kept the starting temp at 180 and then after five dropped it to 150 and they worked fine.

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