Tonight we have the Queen Of Cakes over for dinner so it’s a bit scary but I’ve tried to impress with a pretty yummy looking cake.

This is Margaret Fulton’s Honey Chocolate Cake – but what the title doesn’t tell you is that there’s a good whack of booze in there thanks to some dry sherry and rum. It’s my first ‘slice in half and fill with cream’ cake and Mel provided me hints and tips on the consistency of the cream and sawing the cake in half evenly.

I’m pretty happy with my first effort at this sort of cake.


Man, that sherry is strong. I’d probably lessen the amount in the recipe below if you’d prefer a more subtle flavour.

The Cake


185g butter, softened
185g lightly packed brown sugar
1/3 cup honey
2 eggs, beaten
3 teaspoons rum (I used white ’cause that’s all we had)
1/2 teaspoon vanilla essence
2 tablespoons cocoa poweder
260g self raising flour
a pinch of salt
1/2 cup sweet sherry …hic…

1 cup of cream and some icing sugar for finishing.


Heat the oven to 180

1) Sift the flour, cocoa and salt and set aside

2) Cream the sugar, honey and butter until it’s light and fluffy. Add the egg mixutre in thirds, makign sure it’s well mixed before adding the next lot. Add the rum and vanilla essence.

3) I then alternated folding in some of the flour, then folding in some sherry.

4) Once mixed put the mixture in to a greased and lined cake tin, mine was 21cm, then in to the oven for 50 to 60 minutes. Mine was ready in 30.

5) Cool for a few minutes in the tin before turning out on to a rack and letting cool completely before slicing in half and adding the whipped cream. Dust with icing sugar and enjoy.

Close Up

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