Luscious Lemon Slice

Rae sent me this link to a magnificent looking lemon slice. As soon as I opened up the page I knew I had to make it – I’m an absolute fool for anything that is lemon flavoured, and a lemon slice like this one is right up there. It was comparatively easy to make, nothing to technical to deal with but I was perplexed when it came out – the base was on the top and I thought it was a complete failure. It took me a little while to realise I needed to turn it over on to the cooling rack. Forgive me, I am new at this. […]

Coconut and Raspberry Jam Slice

With the Queen of Cakes coming for dinner I decided to risk it and contribute a dessert of my own. Rae had gone through Margert’s book and selected a few recipes for me to try and after a quick look in the pantry to see what I could bake with what we already had the winner was Raspberry Jam and Coconut slice. I was pressed for time and it showed a little in the presentation of the finished product but they taste amazing. Considering I’ve all but given up sweet things the sugar hit from two of these had me buzzing but considering it’s the next morning now and they’ve […]

Margaret Fulton’s Caramel Pecan Slice

When Rae was flicking through the recipes in Margaret’s book she saw the caramel pecan slice and her eyes rolled back in her head. 12 years and and I had no idea she loved Pecans so as she is currently immobile and feeling a little down I thought I’d give it a shot. I had to buy a square slice tin and we’d run out of golden syrup so I had to a second Coles run but the results were worth it. When I first looked at the recipe I saw you had to rub the butter in and grumbled under my breath but then I read the note – […]