When Rae was flicking through the recipes in Margaret’s book she saw the caramel pecan slice and her eyes rolled back in her head. 12 years and and I had no idea she loved Pecans so as she is currently immobile and feeling a little down I thought I’d give it a shot.

I had to buy a square slice tin and we’d run out of golden syrup so I had to a second Coles run but the results were worth it. When I first looked at the recipe I saw you had to rub the butter in and grumbled under my breath but then I read the note – use the food processor to make the dough. A ten minute chore turned in to a one minute breeze. The butter and sugar crumbed up in about 30 seconds and after adding the egg another 30 seconds I had the dough.

Source : Margaret Fulton Baking, pg 99
Complexity : Simple
Preparation Time : About 10 minutes
Baking Time : 2 x 15 minutes
What I Learnt : The food processor is great for making dough, I need a new sifter for flour.
Issues : None
Reaction : Rae loved it.

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  1. You are a a star – perhaps it may be Nana’s influence or with a little bit of luck the love of baking has brushed off on to you from your Mum!!!

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