My New Mixer

One reason I’ve not done too much baking is that you really need a mixer. I have had a hand mixer but that’s no the best for big jobs. I’ve been wanting a proper mixer for ages but they are so expensive, $300 for a good base model. I was talking about them with Rae on Saturday and a few minutes later a message popped up – she’d found one on Ebay. One we’d been looking at that cost  $299 and here it was – $150 bid or $180 buy it now with only four hours to go. I placed the bid and immediately wished I’d bought it now. What followed was […]

Margaret Fulton’s Caramel Pecan Slice

When Rae was flicking through the recipes in Margaret’s book she saw the caramel pecan slice and her eyes rolled back in her head. 12 years and and I had no idea she loved Pecans so as she is currently immobile and feeling a little down I thought I’d give it a shot. I had to buy a square slice tin and we’d run out of golden syrup so I had to a second Coles run but the results were worth it. When I first looked at the recipe I saw you had to rub the butter in and grumbled under my breath but then I read the note – […]

Step 1

Hi. My name’s Tony (you can see my blog at and I’m a recent convert to baking. I have no idea where this came from but just recently I discovered I love baking, making something sweet and satisfying that in turn makes the family smile. I’m a beginner, a real newbie, so there’s going to be a few failures along the way. I’ve decided to write this blog because my wife recently bought me Margaret Fulton Baking – an amazing book that has me even more interested. At the moment I’m looking at biscuits and thinking I can manage them, some of the cakes, wow, they are going to […]