One reason I’ve not done too much baking is that you really need a mixer. I have had a hand mixer but that’s no the best for big jobs. I’ve been wanting a proper mixer for ages but they are so expensive, $300 for a good base model. I was talking about them with Rae on Saturday and a few minutes later a message popped up – she’d found one on Ebay. One we’d been looking at that cost  $299 and here it was – $150 bid or $180 buy it now with only four hours to go.

I placed the bid and immediately wished I’d bought it now. What followed was a tense four hours, hoping no one else would be looking for a Sunbeam Mixer in Geelong on Australia Day. Lucky for me no one was and we won the Ebay steal of the century – $150 for a Subeam Mixmaster MX8500Y.

We went for a drive and picked it up today.

Now I’m really ready to tackle this baking thing head on.

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